After Universal coldly returned Ron Howard's The Dark Tower promise ring, it was looking like the project would never find love again. However, it seems a relationship may have been struck up with the most unlikely studio. And just in time for prom.

Warner Bros, the quiet and sensitive studio that wears glasses and hangs out in the pottery classroom during lunch, has agreed to team up with Howard on at least one film based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower. Initial plans with Universal were for three films and two short-run TV series, and to throw a rager at Universal's lake house after graduation. Whether or not more films or Javier Bardem's involvement are on the slate remains to be seen. However, producer Brian Grazer has mentioned that Warner Bros sister studio HBO (who Warners pretty much raised after their mom died and dad fell into the bottle) will handle the television adaptation.

Project is expected to go before cameras in first quarter of 2013. Which seems like forever in high school years. (Deadline)