[post-album postid="213424" item="1"]You just don't copy another guy's tattoo. Not only does it lack originality but it's also creepy. Warner Bros and the producers of The Hangover 2 have learned this the hard way. Tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill sought to block the theatrical release of The Hangover 2 when he saw previews that featured Ed Helms with the same facial tatt that he designed for Mike Tyson. Warner lawyers were able to squash the attempt by painting a tunnel entrance on a mountainside and tricking Whitmill to drive into. However much like an animated coyote, the tattoo artist is on the case once again with a better-conceived trap. One that can't possibly fail. Or can it?

Yep, it can. Though Whitmill has worked out a deal to receive money for his copyright, Warners have opted to digitally augment the tattoo before the film is released on home video in December. That means Whitmill can claim against the theatrical release and marketing materials that feature his work, but won't see a dime of the DVD sales. In silent protest, Whitmill will design a tattoo of Calvin urinating on the WB logo. (THR)