At some point, screenwriter Dan Fogelman (Cars) is gonna write a movie about a politician who gets caught having an affair. Before he does that, he'll have to make a quick stop at the bank, to cash a check for about $2 million dollars. There's an extra million dollar check for him later if the movie gets made. Cha-ching.

Fogelman got Tom Cruise attached to his untitled new movie pitch. The combination of Fogelman, whose Steve Carrell summer film Crazy, Stupid, Love is getting a lot of buzz, and Cruise, who used his Scientology superpowers on Fogelman's behalf, created a bidding war for his political pitch. Fox, MGM, and Paramount were all vying for the movie, but in the end, it's Warner Bros who gets to shower money on top of Fogelman's head, like Gatorade onto a winning "Super Bowl" coach.

In the film, after the affair, Cruise's character goes back to his hometown to confront problems in his past. Meanwhile, the only problem Fogelman faces when he goes back home is locating the bullies who made fun of him in high school and hiring a bunch of guys to beat them up. (Deadline)