If you'll remember back to the dog days of last summer when it was announced Ben Affleck would star as the Caped Crusader for Zack Snyder in Batman vs. Superman, you'll also remember that everybody lost their mind over the news. And not in a good way. Now there's an update that you'll have longer to stew in your discontent. Warner Bros. is moving the original theatrical date back 10 months into 2016.

Instead of premiering on July 17, 2015, the film will now be getting released on May 6, 2016 in order to "[allow] the filmmakers time to realize fully their vision, given the complex visual nature of the story."

However, the move to that weekend will pit DC's most important film ever up against Marvel as they had already lifted their leg and peed upon that date. Is this a brilliant strategy on Warner Bros/DC's behalf? After all, if Marvel does release a film on that date it certainly won't be an Avengers film and you'd think something like Batman vs. Superman is hyped enough to beat a Marvel standalone. Apart from the fact that it's probably going to be super-shitty. Let's hope this 10 extra months gives the producers enough time to nurture the creative and turn in a film that stands up to the legacy of the characters. They already screwed up Green Lantern and almost ruined Superman. Then again, they can always try again with a Batman vs. Superman reboot four summers later. (The Wrap)