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Magnet Releasing, the genre film-oriented division of Magnolia Pictures, has acquired the rights to release the Jet Li film Warlords.  The historical action melodrama was a critical and commercial success in China, and also stars Andy Lau (the dude who played the dude Matt Damon’s character in The Departed was based off of from the original Infernal Affairs) and Takeshi Kaneshiro (for fans of the now-ancient Playstation 2, he was the guy they modeled the main character after in the feudal zombie action game Onimusha).

Check out the trailer and and everything you ever wanted to know about Warlords after the jump.  Or just post what we failed to mention in the comments section, smartass.

Warlords Trailer w/ Jet Li – Watch more MOVIE TRAILERS

The film, set in the 1860s during the Taiping Rebellion, focuses on General Pang (Li) who, after surviving a massacre that kills his entire company of soldiers, joins up with two bandits (Lau and Kaneshiro) who unite and  protect a small village from wartime destruction.  The three proceed to become bloo brothers, loyal to the end to each other.  As per usual, however, their loyalty is put under large amounts of pressure as politics, deceit, and a love triangle with a beautiful woman come into the situation. 

The movie’s whole “politics and women are bad for you” angle sounds kinda like a lecture my parents gave me when I was young.  If only my agent had been able to sell the rights to those lectures, I’d be one rich motherf*&ker.  And that’s why, at age 12, I fired my agent. 

Actually, this movie seems not only bearable, but apparently was good enough to net itself eight Hong Kong Film Awards, including Best Director for Peter Ho-Sun Chan and Best Actor for Jet Li.  Warlords should be very much in the vein of other Asian historical epic films; Hero comes to mind, if only for the Jet Li connection.

Look for Warlords to find its way into North America sometime in late summer of ‘09.


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