Kickstarter is great because it allows people to crowdsource ideas that they're generally either a) passionate about and/or b) will make them a lot of money. Neither of those things really mean we have to care about the project being Kickstarted, though. (See also: Braff, Zach).

There are many fans of Ghostbusters out there, and far, far fewer fans of Ghostbusters 2. Which is actually the impetus behind the project – where it all went wrong the second time around. However, if I had to guess, I would say it went wrong because the script sucked, but the franchise was very bankable, so they made a crappy movie that would rake in cash, rather than no movie at all.

On top of that, parlayed into this Kickstarter's scope is the hope of getting Columbia pictures to hand over all the footage from the film to an untested filmmaker (the man behind the campaign, Bradley Bjornstad) to create his own cut of the film to be released to the masses. Another tall order.

However, I'm not the guy that decides which Kickstarters are good, which are bad, and what you should do with your money. So, in the interest of possibly helping this guy get to $100k from the $2k he's at now with about two weeks remaining, here's Brad's Kickstarter site. I'm sure he'll paint a more compelling picture than I have, and he might be right.

(via A.V. Club)