Wadlow Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Prepping Airline Thriller ‘Non-Stop’

Monday, August 1 by
Jeff Wadlow doesn't go anywhere without his iPod full of Spin Doctors B-sides and rarities.  

Dark Castle has picked up Non-Stop, a thriller contained on an airplane, to be directed by Jeff Wadlow. Wadlow is best known for directing Never Back Down, though he has worked closely with Non-Stop producer Joel Silver in television on both Hail Mary and The Odds.

THR has the scoop and offers this in the way of a synopsis:

Plot details are being kept under wraps but the project is described by those in the know as a contained, gritty action thriller centering on an air marshall flying on a domestic flight.

Wadlow, who often does script work on his projects, is working with two unrepped writers to put the Non-Stop script together. Way to hang onto that indie cred, Wadlow.

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