The story about five robot lions that unite to form a giant space warrior must be told.

Despite being the most popular of the giant frikkin' robot cartoons of the 1980's, Voltron has had a hard time making it to the big screen. Now there's news that producers are in  a bidding war for the rights.

Relativity Media is said to be taking time out of swimming in their giant money bin long enough to take an interest in the project. Meanwhile, a script had been in the works with Atlas Entertainment for some time now. Although, no updates from them beyond concept art have lead fans to believe the project was in turnaround. At any rate, the interest from Relativity is a good sign that this movie could happen.

No word on when it will be brought to the screen, though 2013 seems to be the target date. They'd better get to work soon if they hope to put Alex Pettyfer in the Black Lion's cockpit while we're all still aware of who Alex Pettyfer is. (NY Mag)