Vaunted cinema auteur Rob Reiner has decided on what his next masterpiece to hit theaters will be: Originally titled The Third Act, the film is now Summer at Dog Dave's, which, let's face it, is a pretty hilarious title. Anyway, Virginia Madsen and Kenan Thompson are in talks to appear in coveted roles in the movie, which is also set to star Morgan Freeman. Here's a plot synopsis, sure to be analyzed by cinephiles and historians for years to come:
"Freeman stars as a wheelchair-bound author of Western novels whose alcoholism is making him lose his passion for writing. Madsen will play his new neighbor, a single mother going through a divorce who has three daughters. The family strikes up a relationship with the novelist and helps him rediscover his talent and find his passion for writing again."

[post-video postid="8719"] Madsen is stepping in for Annette Benning, who was originally set to play the female lead. Thompson will be playing Freeman's "helpful nephew," which should be good for a few laughs. (Variety)