Eric Bogosian's novel Mall is coming to a big screen near you, perhaps at the mall, thanks to the efforts of star/producer/scriptwriter Vincent D'Onofrio. He'll be sharing the food court with Chelsea Handler and Bogosian. There's a really interesting facet to this story that you should know, but before I get to it I'll give you a quick synopsis on the movie:
"The film follows the intersecting paths of five disaffected suburbanites: a stoner teen, restless housewife (a dark role to be played by Handler), a voyeuristic businessman (D'Onofrio), a mall security guard and a trigger-happy crystal meth addict who heads to the mall looking for trouble"

OK, sounds pretty interesting, right? Well, remember that "interesting facet" I alluded to before (if you don't, see a doctor immediately because you have short-term memory loss)? Here it is: The movie is going to be directed by Joe Hahn OF THE BAND LINKIN PARK. That's right - a movie about a bunch of crazy people at a mall is going to be directed by a member of one of the definitive mall rock bands. Funny, right? See you at the mall! (Deadline)