Universal Pictures is in discussions to pick up Jeremy Garelick's script for Insane Laws, a film about two childhood friends who have to deal with some uncomfortable truths when their grown children fall in love with each other. The project will serve as a Vince Vaughn vehicle, as Garelick having scripted Vaughn's blockbuster Th Break Up in 2006. With Grown UpsI Hate You, Dad, and this inevitable project, it would seem that studios are banking on moving once-edgy comedians into a blander, more accesible stage of adulthood in which they raise kids and do nothing funny ever.

Columbia had picked up the script for millions in 2009, but now it would appear that Universal is moving forward with the project, though details of the transaction between the two aren't available.

It was widely speculated in my own head that Vaughn's childhood friend will be either be Kevin James or a CGI talking dog voiced by Kevin James. (THR)