In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell tell you that I think The Fast and the Furious is an extremely fun and easy to watch movie. No, it's not Bullitt, but it's not Biker Boyz, either. That said, I'm still not sure how to feel about Vin Diesel's plan to direct a 20-minute sequel connecting the first and the fourth installments of the franchise. I guess it can't really be any more ridiculous than Tokyo Drift, but I have a certain amount of nostalgia toward the original that I don't want spoiled with some crappy 20-minute short starring Michelle Rodriguez, who gave one of the worst performances of all time as Letty. The lines she delivers before she takes on that guy at Race Wars gives me douche chills every time. Of course, they haven't even announced what the plot is going to be for the short, or even how we'll be able to see it (my money's on DVD extra for Fast and Furious) so I'll hold my judgment. Until then, I'll go back to being really excited about the new movie and trying to hide it from all of my movie snob friends.