Viggo Mortensen To Star In One Of The Many New ‘Snow White’ Movies?

Wednesday, January 26 by

Viggo Mortensen could go from being a King in Lord of the Rings to a lowly huntsman taking orders from a bitchy queen in Universal’s Snow White and The Huntsman. Still, the queen being played by super hot Charlize Theron, so maybe being a huntsman for Theron beats ruling a world of nerdy hobbits? Mortensen is currently in talks to accept the role.

In Universal’s take on the Snow White story, the apple-eating, dwarf-loving, prince-bait is dragged into the woods by The Huntsman, under orders from the queen. However, instead of just abandoning her, this Huntsman teaches Snow to be strong and stand up to the wicked queen. So basically, the movie is one long fairy tale training montage. Yeah, this is gonna be good…

However, like animated bug movies or action films about meteors about to destroy us all, this new take on Snow White being met with live action competitors from Disney and Relativity Media. Which adaptation is the fairest of them all? After three Snow White movies in a row, the overkill is gonna make them all about as much fun as kissing Grumpy’s butt cheek. (Cinema Blend and

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