We've seen him slaughter armies of orcs and kill bathhouse assassins with little more than his penis. But now, Viggo Mortensen may take on his toughest opponent yet. Dracula.

Mortensen has been offered the lead role of Henry Clemens in Neil Marshall's The Last Voyage of the Demeter. The film follows the crew of the ill-fated ship that carries Dracula from Transylvania to England as they are picked off one-by-one. It's a great concept that has previously only been glossed over by previous Dracula films. The presence of Neil Marshall all but guarantees we'll get an over-the-top gorefest that also delivers solid chills. And with the presence of Viggo Mortensen, we'll get gravity in a film that could otherwise easily veer into silliness. And also the chance to see his wang again. (Bloody Disgusting)