While it was recently (as recently as Comic-Con), touted as the future of the industry, The Hobbit's recording in 48 frames per second doesn't seem to have garnered all that much excitement by, well, anyone. Consequently, it's imagined that only a handful of theaters worldwide will show the epic tale the way it was meant to be shown.

For one thing, in order to show the improved version, theaters will need to upgrade their projectors. That's a pretty tall order for just one film, even if it is The Hobbit. Also, early reports have come back saying that the footage has a look similar to porn or British television, two things audiences enjoy very much, but probably only when they're expecting them.

Finally, people don't like being told what they'll like, which is what the producers essentially said a month ago. The ole' "We know what's best for them" doesn't play so well, so we might be stuck watching this elven fantasy in 3D, 2D, or, if you're like me, in six years when you're hungover on your couch.

The choice is yours.