‘Veronica Mars’ Gets $5.7MM From Kickstarter. Whoa.

Monday, April 15 by
Jeez. Smile, guys.  

Not content with its newsworthy first-day take, the producers of Veronica Mars have officially shut the doors on its Kickstarter campaign for movie financing, having taken in an astounding $5.7 million in funding from fanboys, wellwishers, and people who just want to be a part of this grassroots effort.

The result is that the films effort register as Kickstarter’s third-most successful raise of all-time. Not bad considering their goal was $2 million, which was achieved about 12 hours after the campaign started.

Why stop now, Rob Thomas and company? See if the masses will just pay for the whole damn thing, and if they won’t, maybe take everything over the $2 million goal and spend it on fancy hats for the crew or something.

Nothing unethical about that!

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