Vanity Fair has recently released a list of the 40 highest-paid people in film, and it should come as no surprise that the numbers are downright gaudy. What does comes as a surprise is that only one woman (girl?) cracks the top 15, with Kristen Stewart coming in at #13. Not really sure what to say about that, as it seems that the new guard of actresses always seems to be about 15 years younger than their male counterparts, so that may have something to do with it.

What's most shocking here is that Taylor Lautner is coming in at #9, which means not only did he out-earn EVERY WOMAN IN HOLLYWOOD, but all but eight of the men as well. According to Vanity Fair, he scored $33.5 million for his work in the two final Twilight installments, as well as simply showing up to film the stinker-in-waiting Abduction. That's it. I'm gonna start doing 10-15 sit-ups every day.

Some other takeaways that may leave you wanting to kick down the walls of your cubicle:

  • James Cameron leads the pack with $257 million from his film about tall blue people. Glad to see he's back on his feet.

  • Johnny Depp commands what we in the industry refer to as a "shit-ton" of money for his films, collecting $50 million for Alice in Wonderland, $35 million for whatever Pirates of the Caribbean movie they're up to now, and $20 million to get seduced by Angelina in The Tourist. Can we take away his remaining indie credibility now?

  • People made a lot of money off of Inception, Iron Man 2, and Twilight.

  • Adam Sandler will not stop making crap movies if he keeps "earning" $50 million per year for being a pudgy schlub.

  • Where did all The Social Network money go?

If you didn't see your favorite actor or actress on this list, don't worry. They're still obscenely rich. (A.V. Club)