Val Kilmer and westerns have a lot in common. They both used to be hugely popular in America, whereas now they both have more of a niche following. They both have the potential for everything between unforgettable badassery and unforgivable lameness. And they both seem kind of homoerotic sometimes. Well, now the western and Val Kilmer are having a reunion of sorts, after Kilmer famously played Doc Holliday in the popular western Tombstone. This project is unfortunately not called Gay Perry Goes West, but The First Ride of Wyatt Earp, which:
”[F]inds an elderly Earp sitting down with a reporter to reflect on the ride that made him a legend, when the young marshal rounded up a posse to track down the outlaw who mistakenly murdered the woman he loved.”

The weird part about this is that he's supposed to play Wyatt Earp, but it seems to me he's kind of in a no-man's land as far as age is concerned - too young to play an elderly Wyatt Earp, and too old to be a young one. It will be interesting to see how this is handled in the movie. (via /Film)