Uwe Boll Wants To Sue The Berlin Film Festival Because He’s Uwe Boll

Friday, February 11 by

Uwe Boll, prolific director of a million terrible movies (Bloodrayne, Postal), is very angry at the Berlin Film Festival. Can you guess if it’s for a good reason? If you know anything about Boll, you probably guessed correctly. Boll is enraged at the BFF because they are forcing (asking?) him to pay the standard $170 submission fee for his film Auschwitz, and yes, it IS about the concentration camp. He’s threatening to sue them, claiming that they’re allowing other films into the fest without paying.

Is this a valid claim? Well, anyone who wishes to have their film compete in the fest is required to pay the fee, and the only exceptions are made to films that are extended invitations by the festival, which Boll’s film was not. Not only is his claim totally unfounded, but also, the least skilled and least subtle director in the world has made a film about the holocaust. The director himself has even put himself in the film, appearing as a guard standing next to a gas chamber. To find the trailer, google it. I refuse to link to it, not as a Jew, but as a movie lover. (Cinematical)

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    remember when he punched the guy who runs somethingawful? i do!

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