USA has, for the past five years or so, been known as a network that cranks out silly action series with tenuous premises to sneaky-high ratings. And those sneaky-high ratings have just gotten the drama/comedy/action/whatever series Suits a fifth season.

What do we know about Suits? I know nothing about Suits. I'm not sure if people who watch Suits can even tell you anything about Suits. I mean, it's named after something the characters wear. It would be like calling Blossom "Jean Jackets" or "Flower Hats."

Suits may not be the favorite of our readership, but it routinely puts up strong numbers in the "hungover" and "home sick from school" demographics, which have launched this show to 4 million viewers per episode, with pretty strong rerun performance as well. I had no idea that America liked businesswear so much.

The episodes will air in Summer of 2015, so break out the lint brush and shine your shoes.