Recognizing a gap in Howard's schedule after Universal passed on the epic The Dark Tower project(s), Warner Bros is attempting to woo Ron Howard by bringing out the big guns. The studio is preparing a project for him based on Jon Karkauer's (Into Thin Air) Under the Banner of Heaven, which follows two murderin brothers who claim they were acting on instructions from God.

The source material will be adapted by Dustin Lance Black, who has J. Edgar and Milk to his name. Howard's Imagine Entertainment worked production on J. Edgar, though Clint Eastwood took the helm.

While Howard did lose an enormous project in The Dark Tower, he was busy enough even without that project that timing on Under the Banner of Heaven is a bit of a question. He's currently prepping Rush with Chris Hemsworth right now, and recently announced his involvement in a film based on the Mad Magazine comic Spy. Vs. Spy. Don't be surprised if this project takes priority over Spy Vs. Spy, because Krakauer beats Mad Magazine. Probably. Maybe. Who knows? (Deadline)