America's favorite child-pyrokinetic experiment is heading back to the big screen. Universal Pictures and Dino De Laurentiis Co. are on board to remake the 1984 horror classic, Firestarter.

Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, the original film starred David Keith and Drew Barrymore as a father/daughter couple on the run from a shadowy government agency seeking to exploit the young girl's amazing pyrokinetic powers (a.k.a. her ability to start fires with her mind).

Variety is reporting that producers are anxious to utilize enhanced special effects for the remake and develop a main character "with a little more edge." I'm not sure how you give "more edge" to a 9-year-old who can melt people with her mind. Perhaps a lip piercing is in order? Or maybe producers can cast a child who is more "urban?" What about Will Smith's daughter? Now that's edgy stuff! (Coming Soon)