In news that is at the same time both heartening and disheartening, Universal just paid an "enormous, multi-million dollar penalty" to get out of producing a whole grip of films based on Hasbro properties.

In 2008, the studio signed a contract with Hasbro to develop films based on Clue, Stretch Armstrong, Battleship, Candy Land, and a few others. Only Battleship was made by Universal, as Relativity picked up Stretch, and Sony is inflicting an Adam Sandler Candy Land on us.

It's nice to see that Universal is actually saying "no" to licensing established brands as films, but it's a pity, because that money could have been used to finance a good movie, rather than not financing bad ones.

The bitch of it is that these crappy movies are still getting made through other studios. There is no upside here, other than the small solace we get from knowing that one studio rejected some cheap projects that others were quick to jump on. Small victory? (CinemaBlend)