Universal Decides ‘We’re Not F*cking Done With Vampires Yet!’, Will Turn All Of Anne Rice’s Books Into Movies

Friday, August 8 by
Kinda rape-y, Lestat. Tone it down.  

I’d like to think that the headline says it all, but for the purposes of pretending to be a journalist, I’ll go into some more depth here. Anne Rice has written 13 vampire books, called The Vampire Chronicles. Universal will be turning them all into films with the help of Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.

Their involvement can only be explained by the fact that they themselves are vampires. Which would also explain Grazer’s hair.

This questionable decision can be attributed in equal parts to a) Universal still thinking the public wants vampires, and b) Universal, really really really wanting franchises. I mean, they’re already doing a classic monster anthology. This is really gilding the lily.

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