Duncan Jones Wants His Very Own ‘Blade Runner’

Monday, January 17 by

Wunderkind director Duncan Jones is making the most of his downtime, discussing his third feature before the second one, Source Code, has even been released. While he had indicated that his next project would be Mute, the story of a mute Englishman searching for his girlfriend, it appears now that due to the lukewarm reaction to a leaked script, he’s looking past that one for the time being. He clearly puts a lot of stock in the opinion of the blogosphere if he’s willing to sit on a project because of lukewarm public reaction to an early draft of a script. Perhaps too much?

Fortunately, his new project sounds interesting, so don’t shed too many tears for that mute Brit. He’ll find his girl one day. In the interim, Jones is working on an untitled Blade Runner homage that he is writing himself. If you are a fan of cities and of the future (and honestly, who isn’t?) then you’ll be drooling over this next project, which Jones refers to as a “city-based future film.” Granted there isn’t too much to get excited about in that revelation, but anything with Blade Runner in its DNA is probably going to garner some buzz. No details are available regarding production schedule or release, but if it’s not taking place in the distant future, he should probably get crackin’. (/Film)

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