What the hell is going on with Uggie? First, it was announced that he was retiring from the business completely. It was later revealed that he actually has a mysterious neurological ailment that's forcing him to give up his career but not until he appears in a sketch with Billy Crystal during this year's Oscars telecast. Now there's word that the dog from The Artist will not be attending the Oscars after all. I really haven't been concerned about a dog's whereabouts this much since that time Beethoven was left alone in a room with the Thanksgiving turkey.

A representative for the Weinstein Company says that Uggie has "not been asked to participate or appear at the Oscars." This is in direct opposition to what his trainer had said a few weeks back. Just level with us. Does Uggie even exist? Is he computer-generated? Or worse, has he died and is now being dragged around on fishing line a la Weekend at Bernies? (BBC)