Uggie Will Not Be Attending The Oscars

Wednesday, February 15 by
Answers. NOW. 

What the hell is going on with Uggie? First, it was announced that he was retiring from the business completely. It was later revealed that he actually has a mysterious neurological ailment that’s forcing him to give up his career but not until he appears in a sketch with Billy Crystal during this year’s Oscars telecast. Now there’s word that the dog from The Artist will not be attending the Oscars after all. I really haven’t been concerned about a dog’s whereabouts this much since that time Beethoven was left alone in a room with the Thanksgiving turkey.

A representative for the Weinstein Company says that Uggie has “not been asked to participate or appear at the Oscars.” This is in direct opposition to what his trainer had said a few weeks back. Just level with us. Does Uggie even exist? Is he computer-generated? Or worse, has he died and is now being dragged around on fishing line a la Weekend at Bernies? (BBC)

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