This year's best actor is retiring from the craft. Uggie, the dog who is a dog, has decided to hang up his collar. Trainer to the The Artist star Omar von Muller announced, "I'm retiring him." Bring me my pills. My heart hurts.

It begs the question though. Is he for real retiring or retiring the way that rappers do?

"He may do a couple of little things here and there because he enjoys them, but I don't want to put him through long hours anymore. He's getting tired."

I guess it's for the best though. I'd hate to see him stuck in the lame dogs that play professional sports or helps kids solve mysteries rut. Besides, their is an heir to the throne.

"I think he will be fine with Dash stepping in," addss Von Muller. "Uggie is 10 years old and has done a lot of work; he wants to relax at home. If somebody wants to do a movie with Uggie, they'll just have to deal with Dash!"

Sad to see him go but time will reveal how this plays out. Anthony Hopkins tries this every few years too. We'll see if it sticks. (Life & Style)