There's so much Tyler Perry news tonight, it's like we're lost inside his insidious "House of Payne." Cue bland, sentimental family moment and audience applause.

First we saw a Madea / Black Swan parody poster that's one ugly-ass duckling, and now we find out that Tyler Perry is being packaged with director Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious) to adapt James Patterson's detective thriller novel I, Alex Cross, part of a series of Alex Cross novels. If you saw Along Came A Spider and/or Kiss the Girls, you probably remember Morgan Freeman as detective Alex Cross, who brought a considerable weight to the dramatic role. I'm sure Perry also plans to bring weight to the role, in the form of a fat suit, and any additional pounds that may come from a wig, comically big glasses and a plate of hot grits to scold a dude with.

Several distributors are considering the package and wondering, "I'd like a piece of that sweet, sweet Tyler Perry box office money, but is this really gonna work? Like, at all?" One big problem is that Perry's biggest hits are still the movies where he expresses his inner fat drag queen grandma, unless you count Star Trek, where I blinked and literally missed his performance. Still... money... (Deadline)