Not that I enjoy Madea, or would pay to see her say "hallelujer" when all the different family crises neatly resolve by the end of her films, but seeing Tyler Perry without a dress and lady makeup is just boring. Still, his movies are profitable whether or not he's dressed as an old lady dressed as Snooki, so get ready for the next Tyler Perry adventure.

Perry will write, produce, direct, do makeup for and star in Good Deeds. The title is a pun. See if you can figure it out: the film concerns Glen Deeds (did you catch it?), a successful businessman who must choose between his high class fiancée and a "down-on-her-luck" single mother who floats his boat Knowing romantic comedies, I assume he'll end up with the rich woman he was intending to marry in the first place. That sounds more logical.

Good Deeds will be released by his new perma-home Lionsgate, and production begins late this month. (Variety)