Unsurprisingly, the things Tyler Perry has learned aren't particularly insightful or interesting, with most of the items being of the platitudinous "never give up," and "silence your haters" variety. To reinforce the point, there's a "YOLO" in there.

If someone's taking an earnest inventory of their life lessons and includes "YOLO," that's a pretty good indication that the rest of their retrospective will be hackneyed gibberish.


I haven't gotten a copy of the email, because Tyler Perry and I removed each other from our mass e-mail distribution lists a few years ago, but Film Drunk has the thing (and commentary!) in its entirety right here. To whet your appetite, it's got fortune cookie gems such as:

  • A footstool is only needed when you need to get higher. Let your enemy lift you.

  • God will really make your enemy your footstool.

  • Be careful what you say, life and death truly are in your own words.

Honestly, I'm a little disappointed there isn't more footstool-related advice, but such is life.