Tyler Perry, upon speaking with blackfilm.com (as we are all wont to do so often), has announced that after he inevitably changes the landscape of action films with I, Alex Cross, he will be getting "bizz-ay" (my words) penning a science fiction film.

Details are sketchy at best, but then again, details about Tyler Perry films often remain sketchy even after viewing the films themselves. But as Tyler Perry told urbancinema.com blackfilm.com, the Aliens franchise is among his favorite, but he just didn't like Prometheus, so he's ostensibly going to make a sci-fi movie that's better than Prometheus.

What? Why are you laughing? Stop laughing. I'm not done yet.

No. I'm pretty much done. There's nothing to say about Tyler Perry that I haven't said before. Seriously, I'm out of Tyler Perry jokes. I guess I'll just have to wait for him to do something again.