Peter Jackson's The Hobbit has officially joined the ranks of movies like Apocalypse Now or Waterworld, in that we can read news updates about the latest calamity to befall the poor cast and crew (note: at least one of those movies is an all-time masterpiece, so this doesn't mean The Hobbit is going to be bad). The latest: Two crew members are hospitalized after an "explosion" caused them to suffer minor burns. Here's the movie's publicist on how "explosion" might be a bit of a harsh word:
‘‘One of them had some burnt nostril hairs and, apparently if that’s the case, there is always the risk of inhalation so they get checked out.’’

Just some burnt nostril hairs, nothing to be alarmed about. There was no fire, either, according to the statement. Still, if I were Martin Freeman, I'd think about taking out an extra insurance policy or something. (The Sydney Morning Herald)