Two More Angels Picked Up, Will Keep Charlie’s Hands Full

Thursday, January 27 by

America can scoot back from the edge of its seat. Charlie’s got himself some new angels. Annie Ilonzeh had already been confirmed as Kate, and now Minka Kelly and Rachel Taylor are in late-stage negotiations to play an unnamed angel (Maude?) and Abby, respectively.

In addition to this casting news from Deadline, we also get a bit of background information on the characters. Abby is young, sassy, privileged, and beautiful (duh). She’s also an expert con artist and trained in Krav Maga. Makes our lives look pretty bad in comparison, doesn’t it?

Minka Kelly‘s unnamed character “is described as a former U.S. Marine, a weapons expert trained in all forms of hand-to-head combat and a neat freak.” A neat freak? Oh no! I hope another one of the angels isn’t a slob!

No information has been given about Ilonzeh’s Kate, so I’m going to make some up. She’s a fiery-tempered shopaholic that loves the outdoors and can be a bit of an airhead, always having “blonde moments” at inopportune times. Also, she’s an expert in knives and explosives.

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