A documentary called Knuckle screened this weekend at Sundance, about two Irish families with a longstanding rivalry who mercilessly beat each other up in the name of family honor. Okay, now I officially wish I was at Sundance.

HBO was super impressed with first time director Ian Palmer's buzzed-about documentary, which sounds like the unholy child of Step By Step and Fight Club. They purchased the remake rights to turn the documentary into... a series? Danny McBride's Rough House Pictures is attached, which sounds promising.

Apparently, we don't learn why exactly the families hate each other, but hate each other they do. They even send taunt videos back and forth, like in the WWE, only there's no need for bad acting because it's all real. Well, I'm not waiting for the remake. I don't care whose ass I have to kick to get a screener, I will see this awesome sounding movie. (Deadline)