Those who wonder to themselves how M. Night Shyamalan still gets work will be relieved to know that the work he's getting now is being delegated from the Big Willie Style nepotism machine, having been hired (ordered?) to direct an untitled sci-fi film starring both Papa Smith, and his wee son, Jaden.

The film focuses on Jaden landing a spaceship on an abandoned planet. And the spaceship contains his estranged father. Expect to see lots of that one Will Smith technique where he's yelling at his son cause he's angry, but he's crying because he just loves him so damn much.

Not much else has been disclosed about the project, but everyone should feel comfortable forming an unwavering opinion on this project just based on the participation of Shyamalan and Will Smith & Son. The collaboration promises that ham-fisted moments shared by the Smiths will be given further heavy-handed treatment courtesy of M. Night's deft touch.

Some possible twists:

  • Jaden Smith is Mark Wahlberg

  • The abandoned planet is a metaphor for the outskirts of Philly (Try to flex on M. Night? Dont be silly!)

  • Jaden Smith is made out of people! PEOPLE!

  • The rotted corpse of Alfonso Ribiero floats slowly by the space craft. (No explanation given)

  • They end up on a planet where parents DO understand. A heartfelt moment is shared between father and son.

  • The spaceship is actually flown by John Travolta. Coincidentally, young Jaden goes missing somewhere on the ship, only to be found later having been subjected to an unspeakable trauma.

  • The movie turns out to be good.