Hillary Rodham Clinton's story has landed in the able hands of Twilight Saga producers Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen. Rodham, placed fourth on the 2012 Black List, focuses on the early, pre-pantsuit career of Hillary when she becomes the youngest lawyer chosen for the House Judiciary Committee to Impeach Nixon. However, the bright-eyed future First Lady/Senator/Secretary Of State/Diplomat finds that she has to make the difficult decision between a destined path to the White House and her lingering yearnings for ex-boyfriend Bill Clinton.

Director James Ponsoldt is in charge of filming the softly-focused scenes of Hillary and Bill's passionate exchanges of love. Hopes are that the scene will fade out as Bill reaches for his nearby cigar.

Works based off erotic Twilight fan-fiction have certainly taken a disgusting turn of late. (The Wrap)