Those hoping to see Eric Christian Olsen's head bitten off by a Norwegian's open chest cavity will have to update their calendars. Universal has removed The Thing prequel from their 2011 calendar for the time being. The fifth installment in The Fast And The Furious franchise, Fast Five, is being moved up to take its place with an April 29th release. This will allow Universal to kick off their summer movie season a little earlier than planned. It also ensure Fast Five a bigger opening by pulling it out of the X-Men: First Class / Green Lantern sandwich it was originally squeezed into.

Though The Thing hasn't found a new release date, I think this is a good thing for fans. Whether it lands in August or the Halloween season, at least filmmakers will have more time to fine-tune the film in an effort to diminish the scrutiny it is subject to from the purists. The move was mainly motivated because the gloomy tone wouldn't play well with summer audiences. It makes sense that Universal wouldn't want to put something sad on screens during that season, but have they never see Paul Walker act? (LA Times)