Even if you were underwhelmed by the new Tron: Legacy, the execs at Disney weren't. The film about computer programs who look like humans, but aren't really humans, but can leap into our world and become human, and that would be bad or something, made serious bank at the box office. Worldwide totals are close to $300 million worldwide.

So according to Ain't It Cool News, Disney is very close to firing up the ol' Sequelomatic 5000 to copy-paste out another mediocre entry in the Tron series. Meanwhile, there's also a Tron TV show "in the works." There will also probably be a Disneyland rollercoaster where you're one of the cyberguys and you have to escape the cybergenocide. Those poor unfortunate cybersouls. At least they can di knowing their story has been told. (AICN)