Hop onto your lightcycles and get ready to lightride back to The Grid, lightomaniacs. Disney is moving forward with plans to make a Tron 3. They've hired writer David DiGilio (Eight Below) to process the sequel to the $400 million worldwide grossing Tron: Legacy. Hopefully this one will feature more talk about computer genocide, which I think would also make a great phrase on a t-shirt.

[post-album postid="12714" item="1"]However, the sequel may not materialize after all. Disney execs are closely watching the ratings of "Tron: Uprising", an animated series coming to Disney XD this fall. So if you're a Tron Guy, you'd better TiVO the 1's and 0's out of that bitch. Otherwise, Sam Flynn will make a sad face emoticon at you.

DiGilio also sold a sci-fi show pitch to Showtime called "Last H.O.P.E.." The post-apocalyptic series is described as "Mad Max meets 'M.A.S.H.'," and the titular acronym stands for "Last Hospital On Planet Earth." Not much to go on, but sounds like it could be fun. The emergency room, with people on fire and barbed-wire baseball bats stuck in their backs, would hopefully be worth the price of admission. (Hollywood Reporter)