‘Troll 2′ Child Star Gets Shot At Un-ironic Fame

Wednesday, February 16 by

Michael Stephenson achieved childhood fame in Troll 2, considered by consensus to be one of the worst movies ever made. And his performance in the movie got another surge of popularity due to the documentary about Troll 2 entitled Best Worst Movie. Now, in an inspirational 3rd act plot twist, Stephenson is getting some legit Hollywood work due to the attention the documentary garnered him – he’s directing a movie called Destroy:

“In Destroy, vampires don’t exist, but that doesn’t stop a well-intentioned would-be vampire hunter from leaving a trail of blood-splattered wooden stakes across Bavaria. But while he thinks he’s saving the world, he is mistakenly murdering sweet, innocent old men.”

Good to see he’s getting away from Troll 2-style schlock and doing some serious art. Just kidding, Mike, I wish you the best. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

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