[post-album postid="29326" item="1"]Looks like Trey Songz intends to change his name to Trey Filmz. Which is bad news for Leatherface, who might have met his match in the R&B crooner/less-violent-version-of-Chris Brown in  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.

As the boyfriend to Alexis Daddario's lead character who finds herself the new owner of Leatherface, Songz will have to try to avoid taking a hammer to the head and deal with the pressures of being a psychopath's step-daddy. Newcomer Dan Yeager has also joined the cast as the man behind the mask himself, Leatherface. Is he prepared for Songz'z sultry and silky-smooth scream, or will his knees buckle causing him to drop his chainsaw on himself? We'll have to see. (Variety and THR)