Trent Reznor used to be about the music, but now he's gone all Hollywood. The Academy Award-winning composer and Nine Inch Nails braintrust has found a writer to adapt his 2007 concept album Year Zero into a miniseries on both BBC and HBO. That writer is Jim Uhls, another familiar face in the David Fincher universe, having penned the Fight Club script, which closely parallels some of the sentiments conveyed in Year Zero.

Year Zero takes place in a dystopian 2022, in which the world is just a rotten, rotten place due to the policies enacted by contemporary government (2007 or so). Rather than focus myopically on the government, the mini-series will exist in a sci-fi context, though exactly what that construct will be is not clear. Listening to the album could either provide some insight or serve as a red herring, as it's not known how faithful the adaptation will be to Reznor's industrial work.

Further details aren't available, but Reznor and Uhls' involvement are both very good things. If there's any way to get Fincher on this in any capacity, it wouldn't be hyperbolic to declare this project the greatest thing in the history of civilization. Yes, better than the Magna Carta. (THR)