You know what sounded cool? Trent Reznor writing the music, and acting in, the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. You know what sucks? That's not actually happening.

Reznor told fans on the Nine Inch Nails website that when the story broke, he was still deciding whether or not to take the job. He decided not to do it and "hurt" all our feelings instead. The Social Network composer will be scoring The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but that's not gonna have nearly as many Lincoln vampire fight sequences. I assume.

Maybe winning an Oscar went to his head? Specifically, the part of the brain that doesn't like fun and good times? Of course, he might use the time saved to work on a new NIN album. If that's case, then the gods of rock need him, and I understand. *Bows Head, Holds Up Cell Phone Camera* (Cinema Blend)