Treat Williams is racking up the roles! Last week there was report that he'd be starring opposite Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde in the criminal murder spree thriller Blackbird, and now there's word he'll appear in a spaghetti western alongside Quentin Tarantino. There's no word on who is actually directing but with the news that Keith Carradine is also cast, one would think Tarantino is at the helm. Or some random director of Syfy Original Movies.

The news comes via Italian actor Franco Nero. He says:
"Boomba clot, rude boy-a. People been axing me abow dis movie mon, and I.."

Hold on. Sorry. My Italian always sound Jamaican for some reason. Let's try again:
“The film will be called The Angel, The Bad And The Wise and is a tribute to Sergio Leone. It’s a movie that contains humor, lots of action, but also a great plot. We have already been signed by a dozen people who will be part of project. Among the filmmakers involved include Quentin Tarantino, Keith Carradine, Treat Williams, fifteen people in all Americans who want to do this movie and so we are trying to produce it outside of Italy.”

Muuuuch better. This project sounds like it has promise. Further casting will the decider here so I've definitely got my fingers crossed. In my experience, when Quentin Tarantino wears a cowboy hat, bad things happen. (Movie Player via The Playlist)