Treat Williams cannot be stopped. He's having a Travolta-esque renaissance in 2011, having scored his third high-profile gig in By Virtue Fall. Oh yeah, also, Carla Gugino, Ryan Phillipe, and James Spader are in it, but let's not drag the spotlight off of Mr. Williams just yet.

Ok. Now we can.

Eric Bana has long been attached to play a lead in the film which focuses around two ATF agents who become enemies after one frames the other for a crime. It is rumored that both Jeremy Renner is being considered for the other leading role.

Not a bad cast for writer Sheldon Turner's directorial debut. This casting announcement means that the studios are honing in on a commencement date in the not-too distant future as these names won't be sitting by their phones forever.

2011: The Year of the Treat. (THR)