The entire Travolta family has been cast as the Gotti family for the upcoming Gotti: Three Generations. While John Travolta as John Sr. seemed like an interesting choice, casting his wife Kelly Preston as Victoria Gotti and daughter Ella as the Gotti daughter Angel is more than a little bizarre. Just how closely do the Travoltas mirror the Gottis in their day-to-day lives?

With enough makeup, I suppose that Kelly Preston could pass for a mob wife, but wasn't there a simpler solution? Does she fit the role so well that the producers are willing to suffer allegations of nepotism here just so she can get the part?

More to the point, is this an act of nepotism? I'm inclined to think it's actually not, if only because it's so egregious that, were it to be, it would completely shred whatever credibility this film has after cycling through directors and playing the Lindsay Lohan hot potato game. If it's not nepotism, then why the hell did they do this? Dare I ask if Scientology is at play here?

I realize this piece probably raises more questions than it answers in light of this news, but if you thought casting John Travolta as a feared real-life mob boss was a strange decision, then bringing in the rest of his clan will make you scratch your head until it starts to bleed. Which is just gross. (EW)

It appears that Travolta also has a one year-old son named Benjamin. Don't be surprised if he has a cameo as a baby or a football or something.