I guess enough time has passed since the 1995 original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers film that the powers that be figured that they would be all grown up and eager to spend their money on a nostalgic franchise. That's not the worst logic, but it fails to take into account that the movie wasn't very good, and people don't ALWAYS want to revisit things from their youth, all the time.

There's a point there. The counterpoint would be "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made a ton of money this weekend, and it's sort of like the Power Rangers, sooooooooooooo..."

They're both excellent points, however, the more recent one wins out, so the Power Rangers (gritty, duh) reboot is getting a release date. It's July 22, 2016, the same day as Guy Ritchie's King Arthur. SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE. (No it doesn't.)

I'm going to try to get the grass stains out of my blue Power Ranger suit. I hope they didn't get a chance to set in the pst 20 years.