Because the idea of NOT doing more Transformers movies never entered anyone's mind, Paramount is now looking into doing the fourth and fifth installments back-to-back in order to save money. Toy maker Hasbro is driving the discussions due to the fact that toy designs and marketing tie-ins need to lead the release date by at least a year or so. While many may scoff at such considerations, remember that it was action figures and a comprehensive Burger King marketing synergy that made There Will Be Blood the film it became.

Shia Labeouf has already said that he won't be returning to the project, so the studio is looking elsewhere for a leading man. Though no offers have been made, nor discussion taken place, the name being kicked around right now is Jason Statham, which seems both unsurprising and pretty logical. And though Bay is committed to producing the film with Spielberg, sources say that he is also interested in directing, because he doesn't want to live in a world where Michael Bay isn't directing a Transformers movie.