Transformers 2 Teaser Poster & Your Daily News

Friday, January 9 by

From what I can tell by this poster, revenge is in fact coming. And it will be arriving on June 26th of this year, and it will have red eyes that look like they are back-lit by the bonfires of HELL. I’m not sure the best way to prepare for it, but I’m guessing everybody needs to be ready for SOME F’ING AWESOME EXPLOSIONS AN FIGHTING ROBOTS. Invest in fire extinguisher stocks, wash you’re awesome-proof vest, and buy some new helmet polish: S$%& JUST GOT REAL. Here’s some more news that we’ve been following.   

Sasha Baron Cohen Is Black Jesus (/Film)

WHO SHARTED? (It Was Sandra Bullock) (Filmdrunk)

Watchmen Producer Writes Open Letter (AICN)

Chirstopher Nolan & David Goyer Are Talking AND Thinking About BTMN3 (Filmonic)

Joblo Talks Abou The Unborn With David Goyer (Joblo)

‘Nobody attacks the Academy for nominating Meryl Streep’ (Rope of Silicon)


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