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LAW ABIDING CITIZEN Trailer – Watch more Movie Trailers

Why is it that criminals always manage to kidnap or kill the family members of trained killers?  Have they not see TAKEN? Crap, even Kevin Bacon, the "mild-mannered" executive in DEATH SENTENCE managed to get pissed enough to come back and kill off the ne’er do wells who murdered his kid.  (Okay, criminals, you get a pass on that one.  No one saw DEATH SENTENCE.) 

But now we have LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, which stars Gerard Butler as a family man whose – gasp – wife and daughter are killed by criminals, and Jamie Foxx as the prosecutor who is forced into giving the bad guys a light sentence.  But here’s the twist: Butler’s character goes out for revenge SAW-style, and becomes the film’s villain… while Foxx has to clean up the mess.  I don’t know about you, but I have trouble buying Butler as someone to root against, at least based on this trailer.  Then again, I’m still waiting for Pixar to come out with their dog revenge fantasy where Dug from UP violently picks off Michael Vick and his cronies one by one after finding out Vick just got reinstated in the NFL.

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